Paragon Theaters | IMAX


Most movies are watched. Seeing a movie in IMAX is so much more. Every element in IMAX theatres is planned, designed, and positioned with exacting standards to create total impressiveness. With IMAX, you experience films to the fullest.


More Picture

With IMAX expanded aspect ratio on select titles, you can see up to 26% more picture, only in IMAX.


Immersive, Heart-Pounding Audio

IMAX sound is customized to deliver pin-point accuracy and moving audio via strategically placed speakers and presets.


Larger, Curved Screens

IMAX theatres are outfitted with larger screens, creating a truly immersive experience.


Crystal Clear Images with IMAX DMR®

IMAX handcrafts and digitally remaster their films, so you see a perfect execution of the director’s vision.


Remote Tech Monitoring

IMAX has a team of engineers and technicians who consistently execute performance checks on projection systems to ensure you always get the best experience.