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Raleigh Film & Art Festival Encore Block A ()

1. Night at The GPAC, Directed by Aniya Bourne, Spoken Word Poetry, 10 Mins, Synopsis: Aniya Bourne captures the entirety of DS Will's performance set, from the April 1st, 2021 Words Unspoken showcase, held at The Garner Performance Arts Center. A Night at The GPAC provides a rare intimate look into the psyche and methods of the prolific poet.

2. Voices 2 Reel, Directed by Aniya Bourne, Spoken Word Youth Films, 15 Mins, Synopsis: The Voices 2 Reel initiative granted individuals, ages 12-20, the chance to have an original poetic piece filmed by Bourne to Film productions and be featured at this year's festival!

3. Finding Purpose, Directed by James Kirby, High School Animation, 4:20 Mins, Synopsis: Award Winning 2D animated short film -- A man is stuck in his routine and struggles to find meaningful connection in his life.

4. Pressure, Directed by Ayana Ahuja, High School Experimental, 2:18, Synopsis: This music video/experimental short shows a young girl who feels forced and pushed into one direction by a ghost but also feels lonely and alone without that pressure.

5. See Through Me, Directed by Jade Missy Kim, High School Short, 4:59, Synopsis: 3 teens try to figure out who they are while struggling with the invisible battles of anxiety, insecurity and and self image.

6. Voices 2 Reel, Spoken Word Youth Performances, 1.5hr, Synopsis: Youth based-poetry open Mic


Opened May 8th, 2022

Playing At

Coral Square

Delray + Axis15 Extreme + IMAX + Penny Lanes

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Parkside + Axis15 Extreme + Penny Lanes



Village + Axis15 Extreme + Penny Lanes