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Raleigh Film & Art Festival Encore Block F ()

1. Dulce et Decorum Est (Poetry), Directed by Walter Haussner, Spoken Word Poetry, 4:58, Synopsis: A performance of Wilfred Owen's poem.

2. 9 Brief Films from Suburban Zen, Directed by Justin Meckes, Spoken Word Poetry, 7:53, Synopsis: This film presents only a small portion of what can be found in the poetry collection titled Suburban Zen: Tiny Stories, Poems, Humorous Reflections & Deep Thoughts.

3. How do I Shine!?, Directed by Carrie K. Thomas, Lamar Thomas Jr., Spoken Word Poetry, 3:13, Synopsis: Is a Slam Poetry visual based on body positivity, self confidence, boosting one’s self- esteem; dramatically in cinema form.

4. City Soul Cafe Open Mic, Spoken Word Poetry Performances, 2hr, Synopsis: Raleigh's premier poetry-based open Mic.

5. Still, Directed by David Butler, Spoken Word Poetry, 3:54, Synopsis: A Poetry Visual Performance of the poem "Still", a story of an artists yet to "make it", but still pushing ahead even after a long period of time has passed.


Opened May 8th, 2022

Playing At

Coral Square

Delray + Axis15 Extreme + IMAX + Penny Lanes

Fenton + Axis15 Extreme - COMING SOON

Parkside + Axis15 Extreme + Penny Lanes



Village + Axis15 Extreme + Penny Lanes