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Dark Crystal 40th Anniversary, The (PG)

Another world, another time... in the age of Wonder. From genius filmmaker Jim Henson comes The Dark Crystal, a masterful live-action fantasy starring some of the most imaginative creatures ever put on film. Many years ago, the mysterious Crystal was cracked and an age of chaos began, led by the evil race of Skeksis who rule over the land of Thra. Meanwhile, raised in solitude by a gentle race of creatures called the Mystics, the Gelfling orphan Jen, is sent on a quest to find the missing shard that will heal the Dark Crystal and restore balance to the universe.This special anniversary event will feature a brand-new introduction from Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company, who will reflect on the making of this groundbreaking film and its dedicated fandom, as well as the legacy of her father, Jim Henson.


SciFi/Fantasy , Program
1 hr. 35 min.
Opened December 4th, 2022


Jim Henson
Frank Oz


Stephen Garlick
Lisa Maxwell
Billie Whitelaw
Percy Edwards

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