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Confession Musical, The ()

Based on the multi-million selling book series written by Beverly Lewis and written for the stage by Emmy-Nominated screenwriter Martha Bolton, The Confession tells the story of Amish Family in turmoil when their daughter, Katie Lapp, discovers she was adopted by an Englisher (not Amish) woman. Meanwhile, the woman, Laura Mayfield, heir to a vast fortune and on her death bed, is searching for her lost daughter to bequest her the estate. Standing between her is her gold-digging husband NAME (played by John Schneider), who is plotting to claim the fortune for himself with the help of a hired imposter pretending to be the long-lost daughter. While the story is dramatic, writer Martha Bolton sprinkles in humor, mostly from award-winning comedian Chonda Pierce as the maid and internationally renowned British comedian Colin Hearn as the English Butler. The music is powerful under the direction of multiple Grammy-nominated Dan Posthuma and songwriter Wally Nason. And the screen is filled with spectacular visuals using twenty actors and dancers and one of the largest LED screens in the country.


Musical , Program
3 hr. 5 min.
Opened February 20th, 2023


Stephen Yake


Chonda Pierce
John Schneider

Playing At

Coral Square

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