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Godzilla: Tokyo SOS (Fathom Event) (PG)

Mothra's twin fairies appear with a warning to Japan... Kiryu (aka Mechagodzilla) must be put to rest at the bottom of the ocean or face the wrath of Mothra. When Godzilla returns once again, will humanity heed the warning or will Kiryu be forced to fight against two monsters? This special event will also include Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex - never before seen on the big screen!


Action/Adventure , SciFi/Fantasy
1 hr. 37 min.
Opened March 22nd, 2023


Masaaki Tezuka


Masaaki Tezuka
Masahiro Yokotani


Noboru Kaneko
Miho Yoshioka
Mickey Koga

Playing At

Coral Square

Delray + Axis15 Extreme + IMAX + Penny Lanes

Fenton + Axis15 Extreme - NOW OPEN

Parkside + Axis15 Extreme + Penny Lanes



Village + Axis15 Extreme + Penny Lanes