Paragon Theaters

Paragon Theaters supports local schools, non-profits and organizations just like yours!

Paragon Theaters is perfect for all of your fundraising needs. Host a movie outing for your group - sell tickets to benefit your cause and Paragon will donate a portion of the ticket sales to your organization.

Generally, here is how it works:

*Some things to keep in mind... In order for your fundraiser to be a success, we encourage selecting a date of at least 6-8 weeks out in order to properly plan, promote and sell tickets.  Also, in rare instances, film studios will change release dates of movies, sometimes at the last minute, so the film title may change.  Finally, showtimes are approximate - exact times cannot be determined until the Tuesday before once showtimes are set for that week.  

One thing you can be sure of is that we will work with you and your group to make the event a fundraising success!

Please email for more information and to arrange your next fundraiser!