Paragon Theaters | Lux Box

Best Seats with the Best View (Exclusively At Paragon Theaters)


Paragon Theaters exclusive Lux Box VIP sections feature the best viewing experience in each auditorium, including IMAX.

Every Lux Box seat electronically reclines into a "Zero-gravity" ergonomic position, features privacy wings, has individual retractable tray tables, and adjustable heating. Lux Box seating is configured in loveseats or single seat pods. This is the ultimate way to experience the big screen in a luxury environment.



QR Code: Scan • Order • Dine At Your Seat!


The Lux Box Dine-In menu* is a quick QR** scan away. Every Lux Box seat has a unique QR code (associated only with that seat) that is scanned on your mobile phone to order food and drink.  Servers deliver your order directly to your Lux Box recliner.  For added convenience, guests may continue to order food and drinks throughout the movie with on interruptions at all. 


*The Lux Box Dine-In menu is ONLY available for Lux Box seats, not general admission seating.   

**NOTE the QR code shown here is for visual reference ONLY.  Please do not scan for real ordering.

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