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Diamond Rewards Loyalty Program



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The Rewards

Free Movie Combo
  • 20 Pts.

    One Free Movie Ticket
Free Movie Combo
  • 40 Pts.

    One Free Movie Ticket
Free 45 oz. Popcorn
  • 60 Pts.

    One Free Movie Ticket
Free Movie Combo
  • 80 Pts.

    One Free Movie Ticket
Free Movie Combo
  • 100 Pts.

    One Free Movie Ticket



Points refresh at 100 and start again at zero. 

Diamond Rewards Program Rules

1.   The Diamond Rewards Program is subject to the Program Terms and Conditions available at, which are incorporated herein by reference (the “Terms”).

2.   To become a Diamond Rewards Member, you simply register online at Points begin accruing after you register your card and start using it; points are not added retroactively. Points for qualifying purchases at Paragon Theaters will accumulate on the Diamond Rewards Account associated with your Loyalty Card when such card is presented and used in accordance with the Terms. You cannot redeem points until you become a registered member of the Diamond Rewards Program.

3.   Diamond Rewards membership is open to residents of the United States or U.S. Territories who are 13 years of age and older. However, the following are excluded from Diamond Rewards membership: (a) employees of Paragon Entertainment Holdings, (“Paragon”); (b) employees of affiliates of Paragon; (c) family members, including mother, father, step-parents, in-laws, siblings, children, stepchildren, grandparents, and grandchildren, of any employee of Paragon or its affiliates; and (d) any person residing in the same household as an employee of Paragon or any of its affiliates, whether or not related. Other restrictions on membership may apply. 

4.   Diamond Rewards Members will receive the following:

(a)  one (1) point for each admission ticket purchased at the box office of a Paragon Theaters location (with a maximum of five (5) points per calendar day); and

(b)  five (5) points for the purchase of one or more items at concession stands at a Paragon Theaters location (with a maximum of five (5) points per calendar day).

(c)  ten (10) points per $100 spent on any party or event held at Paragon Theaters. Points will be awarded upon payment of event. 

(d)  a free ticket on their registered birthday (posted to account by end of day, learn more at

5.   Diamond Rewards Members do NOT earn points in connection with any admissions obtained by redeeming complimentary passes or re-admission tickets. In addition, Diamond Rewards Members do NOT earn points when redeeming any free concession item coupons at the concession stand. Diamond Rewards Members do NOT receive points for group ticket purchases. Although Diamond Rewards Members will NOT earn points when purchasing gift cards or group tickets, they WILL accumulate points for qualifying purchases made in connection with the redemption of gifts cards and group tickets. 

6.   To earn points, a Diamond Rewards Member MUST present his or her Diamond Rewards account (number, or registered phone number) to the cashier when purchasing tickets or concession items or be signed in to their rewards account when making purchases on the app or at Only one (1) Diamond Rewards account can be presented per qualifying transaction.  Point balances will be updated the following business day. Points are not added retroactively if you forgot to use your rewards card.

7.   A Diamond Rewards Member’s account will be credited with the corresponding reward on the first business day following the day on which that Member accumulates enough points to cross an award threshold. 

8.   Free Movie Ticket rewards are valid for admission to any 2D engagement at participating Paragon Theaters locations and must be redeemed on the Paragon Theaters app. For an additional fee, Diamond Rewards Members also may use Free Movie Ticket rewards for admission to a 3D engagement. Free Movie Ticket rewards are not valid for features designated by Paragon Theaters as IMAX or Premier. Free Movie Ticket rewards are not transferable and are valid upon being credited to the Diamond Rewards Member’s account. All rewards are valid until the expiration date indicated.

9.   Diamond Rewards Cards and accounts are nontransferable.

10.   Paragon Theaters reserves the right to change, alter or discontinue the Diamond Rewards Program and/or awards structure at any time without notice and without any liability to its Members.

11.   Diamond Rewards accounts that are dormant for twenty-four (24) consecutive months will become permanently inactive and all points accumulated will be forfeited or cancelled.